Network Accessories

Nave offers an extensive range of new, compatible optical transceivers and cables. All our products are tested and coded to your application specifications to ensure a consistent and reliable connection.

Performance Reliability

Our products are rigorously tested in our world class test facility to simulate your unique live environment. You can rest assured that by the time you receive your product it is 100% compatible and ready to reliably plug and play.

Will Using Compatible Products Void My Warranty?

By law, manufacturers cannot void warranties due to customers using white labeled accessories. Did you know that most OEM’s do not actually even manufacture themselves?  They partner with offshore manufacturers and re-brand the transceivers so that they may sell at inflated prices. This is a common myth and sales tactic for the OEM’s  to push their high-margin accessories and nothing more.


  • Remote Technical Support
  • Simulated Application Testing
  • Configuration Troubleshooting
  • Signal Quality & Reliability Testing
  • MSA Compliant
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Transceivers- hyperlink to below corresponding
  • DAC & AOC- hyperlink to below corresponding
  • Cables- hyperlink to below corresponding


  • SFP
  • SFP28
  • CFP
  • CFP4
  • CVR
  • GSFP
  • QSFP28
  • SFP+
  • SFPP
  • CFP2
  • CSFP
  • GBIC
  • QSFP
  • X2
  • XFP


  • 10G
  • 40G
  • 100G


  • Fiber Patch Cables
  • Breakout Cables
  • Trunk Cables
  • Jumper Cables
  • CAT5E, CAT6, CAT7, CAT 8