We consistently strive to reduce our industry’s negative impact on the environment. Through responsible and accountable recycling practices, we ensure that all used and end-of-life electronics equipment, components and materials go through a rigorous evaluation process that first looks to re-use and when necessary is ultimately safely and transparently recycled

Our E-Cycling Process:

  • Promotes safe reuse and recycling of electronic equipment and components
  • Increases public and customer confidence
  • Reduce risk to environment and public health
  • Ensures proper downstream management of recycling chain
  • Ensures compliance with state, local and federal recycling regulations
  • Maximizes your return yield

Data Destruction Process:

We offer a complete and secure chain of custody to ensure your assets are fully protected from the time they leave your facility until all digital data has been totally destroyed. Our certified processes, secure facilities and security protocols protect your data, ensure full accountability, and provide accurate, timely and complete reporting, and may include certificates of data destruction.